First Day of School Photo Prop Signs… Free Printables!

First day of school photo prop signs... free printables from!


I’m excited to share some first day of school photo sign printables! School begins in much of Arizona this week and I know many will follow well into September. We all like to have that first day of school photo as a memory for our children each year. I thought these photo prop signs would make it easy to give us  just that!

I have had these signs in the works and I was going to take photos of my niece’s darling family with them for this post. She has 5 kids, 4 of which are in school and they are so dang cute. It ends up that I came up to my cottage in the pines 10 days ago for a family reunion and decided to stay up here, and I am STILL up here so the photos didn’t happen. When you blog, sometime you got to make do, right? I happened to have a photo of my little inkhappi star  {grandson} on my computer and he is about to begin his 2nd year of pre-school and this is what we got:

First day of school photo prop signs... free printables from!

Ok, is that not super cute?

Yes, that is super cute!!

Am I biased? Yes. But he IS cute! (:


Here’s a close up sample of the first day of school signs I made.  They are made to print on an 8.5×11 paper {cardstock is best} you can also mount it on other paper or a frame or clipboard to get a fun effect for your photos! I have one available with every grade on it!

First day of school photo prop signs... free printables from!

Here they are along with the download links.

First day of School Photo Prop Signs

First day of school photo prop signs... free printables from!


UPDATE: Pre-K is not pictured here but I have added it!

Download Pre-School——>>HERE

Download Pre-K——>>HERE

Download Kindergarten——>>HERE

Download 1st Grade——>>HERE

Download 2nd Grade ——>>HERE

Download 3rd Grade ——>>HERE

Download 4th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 5th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 6th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 7th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 8th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 9th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 10th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 11th Grade ——>>HERE

Download 12th Grade ——>>HERE

Check out these school year memories pages too!

Sharing memories! School year memories and lunchbox notes. Free printables from


UPDATE 5/11/15: I have added an end of the school set also! You can get them HERE:

Last day of school photo prop signs. (matching first day ones also) So cute!!


Have a great week friends!






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  1. These are SO cute! I can’t believe it’s almost time to go back to school already!
    Heidi @ Happiness is Homemade recently posted…Hot Air Balloon Watercolor ArtMy Profile

    • Thanks Heidi! Some schools in Az have already started. Crazy, huh!
      Jillene recently posted…First Day of School Photo Prop Signs… Free Printables!My Profile

  2. These are so freaking cute. Yet another completely unreasonable reason to have children! 😉
    Cori @ Let’s Eat Grandpa recently posted…Guest Bedroom Makeover for Just $200!My Profile

    • Thanks Cori! When you do have children, you will be very well prepared. You cant help but have lots of support in the blogging world!
      Jillene recently posted…First Day of School Photo Prop Signs… Free Printables!My Profile

  3. Gotta – Gotta – Gotta Print this out. Grandsons start 1st grade soon and we’ve gotta get shots with them and this sigh. Thank you.
    Tracey @ Let’s Go Junking recently posted…Staining The Pool Deck – Finally!My Profile

  4. I love these! The colors are totally perfect! Thanks for sharing!
    Ashley @ My Craftily Ever After recently posted…Awesome Things Tuesday – 37My Profile

  5. This is so freakin’ awesome!!! I have three boys going to school this year and this is perfect
    Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple recently posted…Men’s Shirt Idea: Old School Accounting ShirtMy Profile

  6. Fun, and I love that you included preschool.
    Lisa at Mabey She Made It recently posted…Magnetic Photo Display TrayMy Profile

    • Of course Lisa! My grandson is in his 2nd year of PS. 😉 I call that school!
      Jillene recently posted…Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!My Profile

  7. super adorable little guy and these signs couldn’t be any cuter! Love them! Well done my friend – pinned these for future use! 😉

  8. Thanks for making these. Love the colors! This is a silly question… Are you printing this at home on white paper? I love, love, love these! But I’m afraid of how much of my black ink it will use up. Or are you having them printed out somewhere else?

    • Thanks Ricki! I actually started doing my own prints at home because i got a nice inkjet printer and i use a nicer card stock type paper and they turn out really nice. My daughter prints a lot of my stuff on her average printer and it turns out nice also. Most of my things are colorful but few prints shouldn’t take up a terrible amount of ink. I would use a heavier stock paper though. Like at least 60lb. I know Office Max will Color copy on a nice stock paper for around a dollar for 8.5 x 11 and I have a couple of locals who charge even less than that and you may get a more professional result.

      • * I actually use a lazerjet printer and LOVE it! But my prints should print out nice on amy printer. 🙂
        Jillene recently posted…Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!My Profile

  9. I love these so much!!

  10. These are fabulous! Best design I’ve seen all year for back to school~
    Mrs Major Hoff (Sara) recently posted…Free Fonts For July: Favorite Fonts for the middle of SummerMy Profile

  11. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! I wish I had found them when my son was in Pre-K but we will start now in 2nd grade and go from there! 🙂 Any chance you could add similar ones for the last days of school (last day of 2nd grade, etc.)?

    • Thank you Maggie! I’m so glad you like them. I could definitely do some co-ordinating end of school year one. 🙂
      Jillene recently posted…Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!My Profile

  12. Susan Ryan says:

    I LOVE THESE!!! They are sooo cute. My daughter is starting Pre-K. Any chance you can make that sign? Where I am in Florida, Pre school is for 3 year olds and Pre-K is 4 year olds. Thanks

  13. Oh my.. How adorable are these. – You are a genius.. – Shame my biggest kid has already and just about finished his last day of Grade 12… That might be an idea for you also. – Just 1 maybe for the last day of Grade 1 saying they survived (would be cute for the teacher too! LOL) and then one for their very last day of Grade 12.. Thank you for these they are spectacular. Jenni – Australia

  14. I have used your free printable sign for my preschooler this year in September and we have gotten a lot of complements on it! So thank you for designing something so darn cute! I have read your above comments and back in August 2014 you mentioned doing “last day of……” are those available? my daughter is reaching the last day very quickly and I would love to do the same design as “First day of…..” just with “last day of…..” !

    Thank you!

    • Ahhhh Jenny! Guess what? I just posted them. I hope you enjoy. 🙂 Send me a photo of your kids using them. I’d love to see it!

  15. Angie Silcox says:

    Thank you so much for sharing! AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME!

  16. Kristen Miller says:

    Hi Jillene, I found your adorable 1st day of school signs from a friend of mine. Is there any chance you have a 1st day of MDO (Mother’s Day Out) printable? I downloaded the Pre-K and Preschool ones for my older kids but my baby will be starting MDO this fall and I would love to be able to have a sign for her as well. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing creativity with us. Much appreciated, Kristen Miller

  17. These are the best back to school signs I have come across!
    I’m having trouble printing the 2nd and 3rd grade. The 2 on 2nd grade does not print and the 3rd does not print at all. Is anyone else having an issue or I’m I doing something wrong with my print settings?

  18. I am not able to print the 4th grade sign, the other sign I printed was just fine. Any ideas?

    • I’m having the same problems. Would love some help, they are so dang cute!!

      • I’m sorry Jackie. They are all working but some computer systems will have problems printing some of them. Which one do you need and I can send you the file?

    • I’m sorry you are having a problem. Every computer is different and it may be the file size. It is working fine on my end. I e-mailed you the file. Hopefully that will work! 🙂

  19. Used these last year – will use them again this year. School starts Monday. Grandma is sad that summer fun is almost over.

  20. Hi!
    I love your site and have printed some of your free printable … THANK YOU!!
    Trying to print the back to school printable for 3rd grade and having problems. Can’t print it from any of my devices. Have attempted at least 6 times. Can you give me some suggestions on what to do?
    Thanks in advance!

    • I am so sorry Gabby! I will e-mail the file to you. I have had a few people have problems with that one. It is fine on my end but may be due to file size that some are having trouble on their computers. I will double check that.

  21. Thank you for making this adorable signs available to us!!! You are amazingly creative!!! I’m wondering though… Do you have a preschool sign that does not say “Back to School”? Tomorrow is my daughter’s very first day at school of any kind and was hoping to figure out an alternative.

  22. You’re too kind!!! Thank you!!!!! You took time out of your schedule to give this mama a wonderful gift. Thank you.

  23. Karyn Kain says:

    Such cute signs! I really want to know where you got that”why” tshirt your son was wearing though! It’s perfect for my kindergartener!

  24. Hithere I love these but I cant seem to get it to print! IS there anyway you could send me the PRe-K one please 🙂

  25. Megan Meyer says:

    Love these signs but I can’t seem to print them out? Wondering if you could email me the files? If so that would be great…in need of 4th grade, 1st grade, and pre-k (or if possible could it say 4K?) Thanks much. Megan

    • Hi Megan. There are two that some people have trouble with. Im going to adjust the size on those and see if it helps. I can’t send all the files but I can send a couple. I will email you for more info. Thanks!

  26. Hmm, I am having trouble printing the 1st grade one. Page just comes out blank. Do you have any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!!

  27. Thanks so much for sharing your free signs! It is so hard to find any that are truly free and don’t require a special/expensive software to edit or print it. Not all of us have those resources at our fingertips. The sign printed perfectly and looks great!!

  28. Thanks so much for sharing!! 🙂


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