Hello Monday! It’s this Weeks Happy Quotes!

Hello Monday! 
It’s time for this weeks “happy quotes

I am offering the first one as a {FREEBIE}

The others can be purchased for printing in my $1.00 shop. You are welcome to use any of these online as long as credit is given to inkhappi. These are meant to be shared, hopefully to inspire and bring a bit of happy to someones life. 

This weeks “happi thought” {FREEBIE} is about compassion. It is my belief that the world needs more compassion. Every person must live their own life and deals with different challenges and circumstances. We must be mindful of this everyday as we deal with others and be less judgmental and more compassionate. 

Practice compassion free print from inkhappi.com

Practice Compassion

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Here is a great quote from Dale Carnegie.

Our thoughts definitely affect our happiness!
Think happy! Quote by Dale carnegie at inkhappi.com

“think happi”

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This one is kind of a fun one from former president Lyndon B Johnson.

Do I believe women should always get their way? Hmmmm, not necessarily.

But I do believe wives should always get their way!  {thanks Lyndon} hee hee

"Happy Wife- Happy Life" hahah love this quote :) print found at inkhappi.com

“Happy Wife- Happy Life”

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Friends and smiles matter much more than years and tears!
Friends and smiles matter much more than years and tears! print from inkhappi

S.M.I.L.E. :):)

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Your success and happiness lies in YOU!

Helen Keller had so much wisdom that will touch lives for generations.

Helen Keller quote abput success and happiness. print at inkhappi.com

Helen Keller’s Wisdom

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Let’s all “try a little harder to be a little better”! 

Have a great week!




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  1. Thanks again for some wonderful, colorful, and fun inspiration. I love your designs!

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