Kindness Matters. It’s a message to share!

Kindness matters. Yes it does.

Kindness freebie printables at

I am beginning a little kindness campaign at inkhappi beginning Today!  I have been sharing some back to school posts lately and I find this subject to be be so appropriate for this time of year. In fact this topic is appropriate ANY time of year. Kindness matters.Yes it does. I hear stories all of the time that break my heart where if a little kindness was implemented it could of changed a whole situation from a negative to a positive. I’d like to help by sharing a few posts to bring some awareness to some things we can do ourselves, set an example of, or teach others to do that may help make a difference!

Last year I shared a post on kindness and random acts of kindness. You can find that post HERE. It was an awesome posts and I shared some free prints that were no longer available and I am bringing them back today! They are available in 4 colors, I hope you will download and print your favorites and share them for others to see as a reminder to be kind. 

Kindness Matters, Bring awareness with these free printables from Available in 4 colors.

Kindness freebie printables at

Download BLUE ———>> HERE

Download GREEN ———>> HERE

Download PINK ———>> HERE

Download YELLOW ———>> HERE

Now, I thought I’d share 20 simple things we could do everyday that could spread kindness. These are things that start with each one of us individually and can help us be more aware of others through kinder and gentler eyes. At the same time, it could have a tremendous impact for the good toward someone else. I starts with 1 simple thing. That thing musy continue throught each day to really generate kindness and “happi”ness. Have you guessed it yet? Yep. A…

S M I L E 🙂

Here is what I came up with…

  1. Smile
  2. Say a friendly hello to a stranger
  3. Sincerely compliment someone
  4. FAVORS: hold a door, pick up or carry something, etc.
  5. Smile
  6. Say I love you to someone you love
  7. HUG someone
  8. HIGH FIVE someone
  9. THANK someone
  10. Smile
  11. Contribute 10 or more minutes to a good cause
  12. Give something to someone (food, $, Flower, etc)
  13. Do anonymous favor for family member or friend
  14. Make someone laugh
  15. Smile
  16. Defend someone
  17. Express concern for someone with needs
  18. Talk to someone shy or lacking confidence
  19. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”
  20. SMILE (:

See How that smile carries throughout. Has a smile from a stranger ever had an impact on your day? That would be a YES from me!

I am also sharing a free print of this list too!

20 simple things you can do every day to show kindness yourself toward others. Be the one to set an example and teach others the importance of kindness... for kindness matters! Lots of free kindness printables at

Download free print HERE


Try to incorporate a few things and maybe add on to your list over time. See what differences you may notice!

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quotes on kindness… printable version at





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  1. You have the BEST printables!
    Dee @CupcakesandCrowbars recently posted…Awesome Things Tuesday – 38My Profile

  2. It’s so true–thanks for the reminder!
    Lisa at Mabey She Made It recently posted…Do Tell Tuesday #35My Profile

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful messages and beautiful prints you share. You are an Angel! 🙂

  4. LOVE this & you are one of the kindest people I know! =)

  5. Kindness is the easiest thing to share but often the one thing we don’t.

  6. OOOOOOOh I love those colors and such a great statement, if only people would remember to do that.
    Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple recently posted…The Big Green Box: Cleaning with Swiffer #SwifferEffect #BigGreenBoxMy Profile

  7. you have the best heart! I love this list!
    Ashley @ My Craftily Ever After recently posted…A Life Update and Being a Great MomMy Profile

    • Thanks Ashley! I’m glad that message comes out. I think I have a big heart… sometimes thats trouble, but I really do like to share good things!

  8. I have recently seen some posts from bloggers (no one from our little group!) that have been downright mean. I think kindness is underrated these days. Let’s bring it back! SMILE! <3
    Cori @ Let’s Eat Grandpa recently posted…Five Ways to Go Back To School as a Grown-Up — PLUS a giveaway!My Profile

    • I used those same words in another post i did about kindness last year Cori! “How could someone be so mean”? So I believe in this message. 🙂

  9. I’ve already printed out your 20 SimpleThings for my girls. These are all fantastic, as usual! Thank you!!

  10. Words couldn’t be truer!
    Lindsay @Frenchie recently posted…Easy Ikea IdeasMy Profile


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