Life Lessons… from my Dad (with free printable)


Today I’m sharing some life lessons and give you the opportunity to show someone appreciation for life lessons they have taught you in life. I’m going to share some lessons learned in life from my good ol’ daddy! 

Make someone feel special by sharing life lessons  you have "Learned" from them. Great for Dad for Fathers Day ! Free printables.

My Father passed away 21 years ago. I was his baby girl and he always made me feel like I was “all that and a bit more”! If my dad were here this year I would let him know how he made me feel and I would tell him the life lessons from him that have had an impact on my life. Do you want to know what some of those are? I have picked 5 various life lessons I am going to share today. 

life lessons… from my Dad

It’s important to stay on top of current events.

When traveling, if there is an ice cream joint on the right hand side of the road, you must stop for a cone!

You never HAVE to do something, you only GET to! {ATTITUDE}

Always be a good neighbor. Be a friend, share, help, and laugh with them!

WORK hard and PLAY hard!

These are the ones that stand out to me the most. I have shared ay least one of these on more than one occasion. Do you know which one?

YEP! {click image for download link}

It's all in your ATTITUDE! You don't HAVE to, You GET to! printable from

You GET to!!

The other four things have come in handy also. I have done a pretty good job with keeping up on current events and am able to carry on a decent conversation in social situations just like my dad taught me. I’ve learned to enjoy and make traveling fun because there was no better example of that than my dad. Every town we traveled through while traveling when I was a child he would say, “If there is an ice cream place on the right side of the road we will stop for ice cream.” {he usually knew there was} My dad was loved by everyone, especially our neighbors. He was a friend to them all and was always lending a hand or making their day in some way. This is one area I need to improve and I’m grateful for his example and the opportunity I still have to work on this one. And finally WORK HARD & PLAY HARD! Both very important things. My siblings and I often quote that saying of my Dads to this day! 🙂

So this is to you Dad {Nelson}! I hope someone else out there can be inspired from this and do the same! 🙂

Make someone feel special by sharing what you have "Learned" from them. Great for Dad for Fathers Day ! Free printables.

I think any dad or for that matter any special person in your life would love to get a recognition for the life lessons you have learned from them. So I am sharing a printable to help with this. It would make a great gift from the heart for dad or someone special in your life!

Make someone feel special by sharing life lessons  you have "Learned" from them. Great for Dad for Fathers Day ! Free printables.

Download generic version HERE

Download DAD Version HERE

 I hope you take some time to think about the life lessons you have learned from someone special in your life. Its a great thought provoking thing to do, and sharing it with them will make them feel really special also. 





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  1. Your dad sounds like he was a fun and awesome man. Thanks for sharing! I love this idea.

  2. Thank you Sophie. You are very right about my dad! He was awesome!

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