National Cancer Survivors Day and a message of hope

National Cancer Survivors Day falls on the first Sunday of June every year. Sunday, June 7th is National Cancer Survivors Day for 2015. I love to promote causes such as cancer and even more so it’s great to feature positive and inspirational stories that can come from these causes. When I had a reader share her story with me I knew it was one to share on this special day.   With hope, the odds don’t matter. Heather Von St. James {Read More}

Bringing Awareness to Epilepsy this November

    Several months throughout the year I share a cause that has meaning to me. In November I like to promote Epilepsy Awareness.   Last November I shared a post and free printables to support Epilepsy Awareness Month. Epilepsy has been a cause that became dear to my heart when my cousin lost a child to SUDEP, which is a result of epilepsy.  This made me realize just how critical epilepsy can be. I added it to my list of causes {Read More}

Happy Thoughts and Quotes {8/14}

I’m sharing some happy thoughts and quotes this week that can hopefully inspire and support those going through trials, and more  particularly cancer. All of my prints this week are FREEBIES. I hope they can be enjoyed and somehow inspire someone.  This is following my last post about my niece who has been battling cancer this year. See THIS POST to hear her recent “happi” news! There are so many prints out there that are cancer related, so I chose to {Read More}

Cancer Free Is Awesome News… Hope Prevails!

  {This weeks happy thoughts are in honor of those who are battling cancer,  love someone who is battling this monster, or who have been declared cancer free. I will post more free cancer related prints tomorrow!} Free… Cancer free That was the news I heard today from someone who is very special to me. Last October, one of my very first posts was about Cancer. I shared a post about breast cancer awareness month and how it had affected {Read More}

“Everything Happens for a Reason” and other “Quotes”

I have seen people that I deeply care about go through trials and experiences that are hard to understand. I too have had some of these experiences, It is so hard for me to understand why these things happen but there is one thing that always seems to help me.  **EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON** “According to Aristotle, there is always a reason for everything that happens. Your experiences are designed to shape you, define you and, hopefully, grow you {Read More}

Thoughts & Prayers for Oklahoma

Words cannot express… My thoughts and prayers are with Oklahoma in the wake of the tornado tragedy that struck this state on 5.20.13   Let us take time to remember those who are suffering and grieving at this time. God bless those in need. Jillene

Hope & Happi, Happier New Year!

I am strongly considering making “HOPE” my new word for 2013.   Hope is an amazing thing. I have a “Silver Book of Hope” that has been very inspiring to me. {PURCHASE {HERE} or {HERE} I love this book, and it is under $4.00!!    {It is full of inspirational and very thought provoking quotes that brings much HOPE with it}   Which brings me to this… My Favorite New Years Quote !!!   “Hope Smiles from the threshold of {Read More}