February 2017 Calendar… Love what you do!

February 2017 Calendar is here!  With it comes a challenge to LOVE MORE. LOVE what you do, LOVE who you you’re with and LOVING yourself!  That’s right! Do what you love  and  love what you do!    Confusius says, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life! In a quest to genuinely love what you do consider these ten thoughts: Passion is the genesis of genius. — Tony Robbins Success is waking up {Read More}

Love Prints and Notecards to express love year-round!

Today I’m sharing some love prints and notecards that I made up for myself recently. They all have that one important 4 letter word on them. Because I feel that love should be felt and expressed, I hope you can enjoy them too! They are great for that last minute Valentine tag or card, but more importantly to express love throughout the year. It’s the best 4 letter word to ever exist. Many people say it daily and many should {Read More}

Love Potion Valentine Gift Idea… How Sweet it is!

  Hello! How about a recipe for some Love Potion?     and… 60 fun new valentine ideas? With Valentines Day fast approaching I am participating in a Blog Hop organized by Abbey from The Cards We Drew. We are sharing over 60 DIY valentine ideas and I am sharing a gift idea of a fun Love Potion! I will show you how I did it!   Here’s a list of what you will need: -soda, lemonade or water bottle -powdered drink {Read More}

Family & Love. Free printables and great framed gift idea!

This weeks happy thoughts are about {Family}and{love}! For download ——–>> JPEG or PDF Family… The ones you live with laugh with and L O V E! For download ——–>> JPEG or PDF annnnnd vacation with! 😉 I just returned from a weeklong vacation with my favorite people. My little family of 5! (me, my bffhubby, my daughter, son in law, and grandson) I have to admit it was a trial in my life as well as my daughters to have/be {Read More}

Salsa Recipe and Tags for your “Hottie”! {wink-wink}

Have I got one “hot” project for you today?!  Something for your “hottie”,  your “red hot lover” , or your “hot! hot! love!”.  DID I GET YOUR ATTENTION? OK, I’m talking about SALSA, What did you think? Something I’m very known for is my salsa. I went to a mini salsa making class over 20 years ago and I have taken that recipe and added my own special touch and a few changes and have been making it ever since. {Read More}

Valentine Banners to decorate with!

I’ve been having fun adding some special touches of LOVE to my home lately. Annnnnnd I’m going to share some of that fun on the blog today! with… Valentine Banners If you decorate for valentines day at all, then these are for you. These DIY valentine banners are so easy to put together and will add a special touch around your home this time of year. Some ideas for use are: put them on a wreath add them to a {Read More}

Rice Krispie Kisses …These Kisses are Delicious!!

The L O V E continues… Rice Krispie Kisses I’m talking {kisses} today! Yep! Sweet, Yummy Kisses! like   THIS! I made these the last two years and they were really fun so I decided to share the idea again this year! These are so so super easy, quick, and very yummy!   Who doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats? Right? Heres how I did it: Use your favorite Rice Krispie treat recipe. As for me, REAL butter. quality Rice Crispies, {Read More}

Valentine Fonts {oh how I love these!}

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Oh for the LOVE of fonts!  I’m sharing some valentine fonts today. You know I get really excited about fonts and this batch of valentine fonts does not disappoint! I recently went on another font haul and I have so many new exciting fonts to share this year. Last year I shared 10 pretty cool heart fonts. This year I am sharing 27 valentine fonts. Sorry for the odd number (which is a BIG pet {Read More}

Brownies With a Peppermint Twist!

Do you have any extra candy canes laying around? Are you trying to get in your last sweets before you hit the new years diet? Do you like quick & easy & yummy? Do you like BROWNIES? MmmMmmm Brownies! Well I have just the thing for you! It will get rid of those candy canes that have piled up over the holidays. I made these brownies the other day. They seriously turned out so good that I wanted to share them! I wish the picture {Read More}

Memory Lane and Cherry Limeades!

{Oh sure, Sonic has wonderful amazing Cherry Limeades, but when you want to serve a group or add your own special touch, these are sure to satisfy, and you can do it right in your own home!} “Cherry Limeades” or “Shirley Temples” A few years ago I made these ingredients a staple in my home. I was the leader over the teenage girls in my church. They would spend a lot of time in my home. We would work on {Read More}

For Love or Money? Why Love of course! :)

So…  Have you heard the term, “Money doesn’t grow on trees?“ I think My parents told me this a time or two while in my teens.  But guess what?!  At my house it kinda does!  Well… OK, not really! But I did discover that you can withdraw from the bank of LOVE as much as you want! Yep!  &&& I have the checks to do so and I am sharing them right here! I also wrote some of these checks and {Read More}

“To love and be loved”

As you know… I LOVE Quotes.   &&& I LOVE Love!   so… Here is 14 quotes about  LOVE!!   Many of these can be very thought provoking if you take a moment to ponder them, you may unlock some secrets to… “Love and be Loved”     Here they are!   And, as always, here are some free printables for your personal use! {Click HERE for download} {Click HERE for download} {Click HERE for download}   Enjoy!   Jillene {Read More}

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