“An Attitude of Gratitude” -Lets not skip Thanksgiving!



An Attitude Of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude
Should be striven for each day.
This feeling of thanksgiving
Is God’s chosen way.

For everything you are grateful for
Will increase one hundred fold.
And within a humble heart
God turns wishes into gold.

For everyday I seem to understand
My gratitude increases,
So do joy and happiness
While despair and pain decreases.

God loves a merry heart,
And He loves the humble, too.
He continues to send His blessings.
Now my troubles seem so few.

An attitude of gratitude
Has filled my heart with joy.
I feel such love and happiness,
My life I now enjoy.
~ Author Unknown ~

 My heart has been so full of gratitude lately so I thought I would share some things that made me “Grateful” this last week. Instead of the general obviously wonderful blessings, of faith, friends, family, home, earth, country, etc… I am going to share  one blessing  I experienced each day of the last week. I will share one experience each day up until Thanksgiving. I have some good ones, so PLEASE come back and check them out. They will be short, and sweet!

Starting with Day  7:

I had been struggling with a disappointment,

and I needed some extra comfort on this day.  

As I contemplated the situation, I was expecting a very dreary day.  

Time passed, and my day gradually got better!

I found myself being very productive.

I found myself thinking of others, and even sharing some acts of kindness.

I was even “happi” !

Later in the day, I got a free minute to ponder

and I felt this overwhelming feeling of peace & comfort.

So much so, that it brought tears of JOY!

{At that moment I knew that I have a

Heavenly Father who KNOWS me,

LOVES me and brings me  PEACE & COMFORT

in my life when I need it most}

What a great feeling,  and wonderful gift  to have  knowledge of its source.


For this, {I am grateful}.


Today I am sharing this cute little poem who’s Author is unknown yet has spread across the internet to remind us to

“Have an Attitude of Gratitude” !


{An Attitude of Gratitude}



WOW! I am so blessed. I love this time of year. I love to feel GRATITUDE in my heart.





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  1. I love this printable! Yay for Thanksgiving!

  2. Great printable – thank you for your generosity!

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