Mexican Food Round-Up. It’s what’s for dinner!!

Mexican Food Round-Up With Cinco De Mayo a couple of days away, I thought I’d share a round-up of some delicious Mexican food dishes! Many of these are from some of my good blogging buddies and others were one’s that caught my eye to also try. I bet you didn’t know that Mexican food dishes are some of my own specialties but I haven’t shared many of them on the blog yet. Hmmmm this made me think I need to do that, {Read More}

Simple Chicken Salad Sandwich… Its so Yummy I die!

Simple Chicken Salad Sandwich… Its so Yummy I die!   Yep! I said it. I die! Thats how I feel about this chicken salad sandwich. I mean that in the best way though. Kind of like “I died and went to heaven” when I eat this sandwich. Or its something I don’t have often so I just die to have it! The craving was there so I decided to whip this up last weekend. You know what else I love about this? {Read More}

My Favorite “go-to” Cheese Ball Recipe… Quick & Easy!

  Today I am sharing something that my husband is crazy about… besides me, of course! 😉 He LOVES a good cheese ball.  Particularly the Cheese balls that I make. Yep. I thought I’d share the easy recipe that I use  here on the blog today! The only problem I have is I never use the exact recipe every time. Thats just how I roll. Sometimes this makes it difficult for me to share recipes but I’m going to do my {Read More}

Cream of {wonderful} Broccoli Soup… My easy go to recipe!

Hello!   Cream of {Wonderful} Broccoli Soup! This is one of my go to meals and I’m sharing the recipe here today along with a blog hop of  50 other easy weeknight meals organized by Sarah Desjardins of Becoming Martha.  Here is my contribution: I’m sharing this recipe that has seen many days in our kitchen. There is something about a good soup served in a bread bowl that is a must for my fall menu planning. Fall is my favorite time to make {Read More}

Caprese Pasta Salad… Fresh, Easy, Quick, and Yummy!

There are a few things I am very well known for with my friends family and today I am sharing one of those things… Pasta salad! What were you thinking it would be? OK, yes I am known to be a bit outspoken, enthusiastic, very honest and I like to have FUN, but today I am talking about PASTA SALAD!   Usually when I make pasta salad it is for a crowd. Last month I made it 3 times. A ginormous batch {Read More}

Fried Ice Cream …But it’s better, and it’s un-fried!

Who likes  fried ice cream? (raises hand) Me!  Today I am sharing one of my favorite desserts that I don’t seem to make often enough. This “better than fried, un-fried ice cream will make an awesome Cinco De Mayo treat, a wonderful Mothers day dessert, or its great in the summer or really any time of the year! If you like fried ice cream then I am almost certain you will love this recipe! I made over 200 servings of this for a banquet {Read More}

Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip …So Easy & YumMmy!

Bringing you another quick, easy, and absolutely YumMmy recipe today! { Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip } I LOVE this Pineapple Cream Cheese Dip for so many reasons. I’m gonna tell you why… It’s so versatile, it’s great for any occasion and it is good with anything! Literally. This is a great springtime dip yet would be a wonderful addition at any holiday gathering, parties, or just chilling at home with a great snack. Now, what it goes well with? Really, like {Read More}

Rice Krispie Kisses …These Kisses are Delicious!!

The L O V E continues… Rice Krispie Kisses I’m talking {kisses} today! Yep! Sweet, Yummy Kisses! like   THIS! I made these the last two years and they were really fun so I decided to share the idea again this year! These are so so super easy, quick, and very yummy!   Who doesn’t like Rice Krispie treats? Right? Heres how I did it: Use your favorite Rice Krispie treat recipe. As for me, REAL butter. quality Rice Crispies, {Read More}

Layered Pumpkin Cream Pie and pie tags

  Todays post is all about pie! Yummy Pie!   I am excited to be teaming up with Laura from Pink Cake plate  today to share a couple of old favorite pie recipes of ours as well as some darling pie tags to label those pies for your occasion! I can’t wait to try Laura’s  “Toll House Pie”. Oh my gosh, it looks so good! Be sure to check it out on her blog HERE! Now… Get the senses going! {Read More}

{seriously} The Very Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

I am going to start out this post with  *A DISCLAIMER* &&& {A CHALLENGE} 🙂🙂:) The *disclaimer* If you are looking for a “healthy” cookie recipe, this is NOT it! If you are looking for  easy and YUMMY, this is the one! {It has plenty of  butter, sugar, flour, and eggs in it} The CHALLENGE Try this recipe and I challenge you to not find this the BEST chocolate chip cookie dough. Let me know what you think!  I have {Read More}

MmmMmmm. No bake Cookies… Why these are the very best!!

MmmMmmm   What do you do when you have a craving… and you want something homemade, YUMMY,  Super quick & easy, and… it must include chocolate and peanut butter! ??? MAKE NO BAKE COOKIES!! Yep. I have experimented with these and recently I decided  that my latest combination was the very best so I thought I’d share one of my secrets on  my blog! Here is my recipe: Ingredients 1/2 cup (1 cube) real butter  2 cups granulated sugar 1/2 {Read More}