Homemade Root Beer! The {witch} has been brewing…


How to "BREW" your own Homemade Root Beer! Super easy recipe and printable recipe card and tag to go along with it. What ya waitin' for? Go make some NOW!!

Fun, Easy, & Yummmmmy!


{Hocus-Pocus, give me Brew}


Homemade Root Beer!

I just love homemade root beer brewed to perfection this time of year. There is something about Autumn, Halloween, and the excitement that comes with it that opens up the opportunity to brew some root beer for the kids and loved ones. Last year I made my first attempt at making homemade root beer. Had I known it was so easy, I would of been making it for years! We had a family reunion  and our assignment was to brew some root beer for the family! Believe it or not, I had never made root beer before so I went looking for recipes. I was surprised that there weren’t many online but the ones I saw were very simple. Most claimed 4 simple ingredients. That’s it! So for my root beer I took those four ingredients, added 1 more I thought would enhance it a bit and increased the amount of dry ice a bit.

Oh My!! :):)
We created a delicious slushy brew that was {FABULOUS}!
How to "BREW" your own Homemade Root Beer! Super easy recipe and printable recipe card and tag to go along with it. What ya waitin' for? Go make some NOW!!

The perfect “FUN” treat!


The kids loved it and thought the dry ice effect was very fun!

We made 5 gallons, but I am going to give you a 1 gallon recipe and it can be increased if necessary.


How to "BREW" your own Homemade Root Beer! Super easy recipe and printable recipe card and tag to go along with it. What ya waitin' for? Go make some NOW!!





1 lb of SUGAR which is approximately 2 cups {eeek!}

.5 to 1 fluid oz of  ROOT BEER EXTRACT (this is a fourth to a half  of the 2 oz bottles that are common in stores)

2 tsp of pure VANILLA  extract

1 to 1.5 lbs of DRY ICE  (you should look up stores in your area that carry dry ice  because it can sometimes be hard to find)


pour 3/4 of the cold water in container

add sugar and dissolve completely

add root beer extract and vanilla {I like a little extra extract to make it stronger}

add the dry ice (very carefully following dry ice instructions)

brew for about 15 minutes

stirring and keeping dry ice moving around will create a yummy cold icy brew

at this point, add the remaining water and continue to brew for additional 15-30 minutes until you feel it is ready!


 Here is a printable recipe card to keep on file:

This Homemade Root Beer is SO easy to make and it very FUN and Yummmmmy. free printable recipe card and instructions at inkhappi.com  Enjoy!

Recipe Card — free printable

Download HERE

Thats it!

Easy Peasy!


YuMmmmy Yum!


Fun FUN!




I am sharing a 4×6 Halloween tag you can add your own personal message for your “BREW” or just to use for a Halloween treat or gift.


“4”x6″ Halloween Printable Tag”



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  2. Never even thought of making my own rootbeer, fun! Thanks!


  4. I love everything you do!

  5. I love homemade Root Beer. There is nothing better for Halloween thank a white smoke filled pot of Root Beer. When I was growing up, my mom always made three gallons of the stuff for family parties and other holidays. That sweet vanilla flavor is so awesome combined with the bubbly effect of the dry ice.

  6. Thank You Camille for the feature! I am all about easy and If I would of known how easy this was to make, I’d of started making it years ago!


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